Speedway Maine tells the story, and illustrates the history, heritage and culture of more than one hundred years of short track auto racing in Maine. By combining current and archived film footage; and by recording first hand accounts from the pits, interviews with retired and current drivers, track owners, flaggers and fans, the lifestyle and thrills of one the most addictive sports in the world is accurately delivered. Speedway Maine will transport you to your local track on a summer Saturday night, watching your favorite drivers put on an electrifying demonstration of skill and showmanship!

The drivers are part of our communities; they are our neighbors, friends and family; but on race nights they hear the uproarious applause of thousands of impassioned spectators as they exhibit their talent at the local track.

This is a game that you can start in high school, and you can continue into your 40s, 50s, and even 60s. It’s a wonderful opportunity for someone to be a star in their own community.
-Andy Cusack, Owner, Beech Ridge Motor Speedway

From the early 1900s through today, the foundation of short track auto racing has changed very little. It is built on drivers traveling hundreds of miles around the state with a race car in tow, seeking a challenge and competing; it’s winning then reveling in the applause and a victory lap; it’s losing then going home and working on the car so it doesn’t happen again; it’s carrying the entire family from track to track, week after week; it’s kids gripping the front-stretch fence with their eyes glued to their Dad’s or Mom’s car; it’s about dedication, family, heritage, respect and love. It involves a lot more than just left hand turns. If you are a member of the racing family and community you already know this. If you are not yet a member of the family, take it from an outsider who found his way in: you will find yourself welcomed, and also that you won’t want to leave.